Fighting Hate Crimes One High Kick at a Time

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The Storyline of Dragzilla

The comic takes place in a fictional city much like San Francisco called Straightlandia, in a 70’s like era. In Straightlandia it is illegal to be out of the closet and can get you arrested. Hate crimes against gay people are a common occurrence. The government/police don’t enforce the laws, nor do they investigate any hate crimes. Corruption rules the city of Straightlandia. If allies try to protect LGBTQ people they also are at risk. 

Due to the climate, any queer establishments are forbidden. There is a secret club called the Triangle Connection that is behind a business (which I've not figured out what that will be), kind of like a speakeasy during prohibition days. The Triangle Connection is the one place that the LGBTQ community feels safe being who they are. They can get support and be social with others like them. 

After spending a night at the Triangle Connection the main character, Andrew, begins to walk home. As he walks home he's confronted by the main villain who's named Roid Rage. He's extremely vain and homophobic. He walks around city with his two thugs trying to find anyone who is different to assault. Roid Rage always carries around a bar with weights at the end of it to which he uses as a weapon, much like a baseball bat. Andrew is beat within an inch of his life.

As he lays on the ground in a puddle of blood he calls for help. In the glimmer of his eye a fairy drag-mother appears. Her name is Glimmer. She heals Andrew and gives him a gift. The gift will transform Andrew into a drag queen superhero named DragZilla. He's given the option of going back to his old life where he lives in fear or start a new journey where he stands up for the injustices in Straightlandia by fighting those who stand in the way of equality and the safety of the LGBTQ community.