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Roid Rage


The Meatheads

Electric is Dragzilla's best friend, who is a lesbian. People call her Electric because of her personality. She's sassy and quite the character. She owns the secret club the Triangle Connection. You better not mess with Electric or she will light you up. She's very loyal and protective of the LGBTQA community.

Glimmer is a goddess like entity who appears to save Andrew. With her special powers she saves him. Glimmer gives Andrew a gift, the chance to transform into a drag queen superhero. Ultimately he chooses to become Dragzilla and Glimmer becomes his fairy dragmother.

The alter-ego of Andrew. A gay man who is a shy, geeky bear. One fateful night he's the victim of a hate crime  and his life is forever changed. Calling out for help, a fairy drag-mother appears saving Andrew. She gives him the gift of transforming into Dragzilla, a drag queen superhero. He must choose going back to a life of living in fear or embrace the superhero he was born to be.

Miss Connection

Miss Connection is a hacker who is transgender. She's runs the operation behind Dragzilla and assists with Dragzilla in finding gay people in trouble. She has a wicked, sarcastic sense of humor. 


Roid Rage is the main villain. He's very egotistical and hates gay people. Him and his two thugs (the Meatheads) walk around Straightlandia trying to find anyone who he thinks is different to beat up. Roid Rage is obsessed with his looks and spends most of his time in the gym he owns, when he's not assaulting gay people. Roid Rage carries around a weightlifting bar with weights on one end. He uses it like a baseball bat to harm others. Roid Rage is so proud of hurting who he calls "faggots" that he keeps track how many he's assaulted. 

Fighting Hate Crimes One High Kick at a Time

The Characters of Dragzilla

The Meatheads follow Roid Rage wherever he goes. They do all the dirty work for him. They're not very smart and often times cause more trouble for Roid Rage.